Sunday, June 15, 2008

Consider the Boxster

The Boxster.

You've heard the good and bad. The condescending dismissal by many loyal to the Porsche Brand. The praise by the motoring press, albeit always with a request for more power.

I have finally taken possession of a Boxster. And I find it to be one of the most delightful cars I have ever owned or ridden in. And I chose the word 'delightful' carefully.

Let me first say, I do not think it
needs more power. It does not need more power at all. With all our traffic and congestion more power is frustrating. It is like bringing a Marlin kit to go catch Snapper Blues from a bridge. Useless. I think the 201HP give the car something most don't understand, balance. The melding of chassis and brakes and gears and engine. The car I sold, the 951, to get this Boxster was not balanced. It drove like a Yugo around town and only on an open stretch of freeway could it deliver it's Thor hammer of torque. And although it had Brembo brakes that were quite the thing in 1986 it's brakes are, inadequate.

But, back to the Boxster. Mine is a 1999 in Polar Silver with Metropol blue top and leather. A bit different than the usual color combinations which is a nice bonus. It has 70k miles on the clock but a tick under 20k on a replacement engine installed in 2004. Yes, this car did have several engine issues(slipped liners, RMS, intermediate shaft, etc.) which caused a far bit of them to blow up. But the replacement engines had all updates and have proven to be rock solid. So the engine in mine is quite elastic and solid, pulls strongly all the way to the red hash marks on the tach making a unique sound all the way.

The gearbox is sweet and easy. The brakes, more than up to the task. The interior is simple and informative. There are no cupholders, which there should not be. It is a sports car. The top is a snip to put up or down. The luggage capacity is David Blaine magical. It is a complete package.

And the final point. The value. For $13k - $15k dollars you too can own one. A good one. With records, and if lucky a new engine. And I do not think that you will ever see a good Boxster fall much farther in value, they are just too good. And although they did make a lot of them, there are a lot of people who want them.

Call me a hairdresser. A poseur. A yuppie. A whathaveyouthatdoesnotunderstand. Then get behind the wheel and be honest with your self. That being the hard part. Day in and out. The Boxster is something special.

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