Monday, May 26, 2008

The Nerve.

Really. The nerve. To steal a mans car. I was just reminded of this terrible event while organizing my pictures in iphoto. It was stolen in May of '07.

The attached photo is an actual shot from the "security" cameras at my office in Lakewood, CO. Great security. The Pope could be driving with Amy Winehouse riding shotgun and you wouldn't be able to discern funny hat or funny beehive.

The sweet revenge though? 5 weeks after getting the car stolen I was trolling craigslist and found the wheels from the car for sale. How did I know they were my wheels? Because I painted them. Gold. No way was there another set of Gold Fuchs for sale. So I phoned the investigator. He went down the next day to the hole of a parts store that advertised the wheels and found them along with my manuals, radio, etc. 

Busting the thieves made the terrible process of arbitration with my insurance almost a memory. Almost.

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