Friday, August 17, 2007



The short of it. Great food. Pretentious service.

A neighborhood restaurant modeled on the cuisine and culture of Friuli is how Frasca bills themselves. The dining room is a bit too formal and so is the service for the food. And the wine. Friuli is a pretty laidback place, this isn't.

NOTE: whatever you do, do not tell the server you have never been to dine at Frasca before. Because she will bore you with a stale geography lesson and insight into why there is a table where you can sit and watch someone cut meat.

Stick to the pastas and shared apps. Head for the "Black and Blue" section on the wine list to try some rustic offerings you have never heard of that are well priced. The heading title of "Black and Blue" is a little off-putting but whatever.

The service was stiff. Stulted. And selly. I hate getting my wine poured when I have not even take a sip from the last time you poured some more into my glass. You are supposed to know about wine Frasca servers. No one likes a full glass. And it may get some rubes to by another bottle of wine but most serious diners will recognize your ploy and adjust intake accordingly.

I'll go back and have the pasta special, a glass of wine and leave.

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